Monday, 11 June 2012

yoga playlist update

I have posted my yoga playlists on iTunes ping.  To see the playlist and purchase the songs, sign into your iTunes ping and search for me under people: Kerri Schnarr.  Send a request to follow and I will add you to my list :)  Enjoy!

Summer Yoga Schedule

This schedule will run July and August.  Please send me an email if you are interested in registering for a class.   If there is interest I will run a morning class Tuesday or Wednesday for the summer months.  Kerri

Summer Schedule
Monday 4:30 - Vinyasa
Monday 5:45 - Vinyasa Level 2

Monday 7:15 - Prenatal Yoga

Tuesday 12:15 - Vinyasa
Tuesday 5:45 - Vinyasa Level 2
Tuesday 7:15 - Vinyasa 

Wednesday 12:15 - Vinyasa
Wednesday 1:30 - Postnatal Yoga (postures for babies too!)
Wednesday 4:30 -
Wednesday 5:45 - Prenatal Yoga

Wednesday 7:15 - Vinyasa

PLEASE NOTE - Thursday 7:00pm vinyasa class will move to Wednesday 7:15pm beginning July.